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You’re going to love this. Just yesterday I published The Ulimate Bike Lane Snow Clearance Blogpost! and today - a day with all-day snow which ended up at about 10-15 cm - the bike lanes WEREN’T cleared! I haven’t seen that for years.

That irony stuck with me all day, not least when we headed up to the Frederiksberg Gardens to go sledding with the kids. Above, you can how we usually do it, snow or not. Felix standing up straddling the crossbar and Princess Lulu-Sophia on her throne in the box of the Bullitt. (By the way, I'm always amazed by how stable the Bullitt is in slippery conditions.)

Here we are in the park. I didn't cycle the whole way through the park (cycling isn't allowed in the park, but sue me...), just enough to give Felix a tow.

Anyway, as I mentioned briefly in the post yesterday, last year's harsh winter and this year's early start to the winter have put the municipalities' snow clearance budgets under pressure. So today's lack of snow clearance was a consquence of that.

I can, however, report that the bike lanes on the main arteries are now cleared and salted, ready for the morning traffic. Sunday was obviously a day the City thought they could save. But with that said, on the news tonight it was said that at that moment there were 176 snowploughs/sweepers in action in the City of Copenhagen alone. Tractors drafted in from the provinces, you name it. Getting the city ready for Monday morning.

Here's the kids being dragged behind the Bullitt as I pushed it along. Felix attached to the seat and holding the rope to pull Lulu-Sophia behind him.

And before I hear cheeky comments about wearing winter clothes, including ski pants, I am happy to reiterate that I always say that one should dress for one's destination, not one's journey. In this case, my destination was sledding in a park and my clothing reflected that.

Later I went to the supermarket wearing my 'supermarket' clothes (ie: my everyday clothes). So shut up. :-)

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