- Bicycle Culture by Design: Shop by Bike is Here!

The EU project, CycleLogistics, has been up and running for a couple years now, working hard to replace cars and trucks with bicycles for inner city goods transport. And by goods I mean all types of goods: the groceries you bring home from Fakta, nestled nicely in your front basket (or hanging precariously on your handlebars), that quattro formaggi you order far too often that flies to your door in no time on the pizza shop’s bicycle, the municipal services’ cargo bikes that clean up Strøget after messy tourists…All of these are examples of CycleLogistics in action. And now it’s your turn to get involved in the project. Shop by bike is a campaign to encourage more regular folks to do their daily shopping by bicycle: groceries, clothing, home improvements, you name it. But I know what you’re thinking… “I already do this!” And it’s true, Copenhageners are notorious for using their bikes for all sorts of tasks. That’s why we’ve altered the campaign a bit for this spectacular town. Rather than simply trying to convince you to shop by bicycle, we want you to prove your status as the world’s best bicycling city by taking part in our photo contest. From 12 August - 12 September, share with us a photo of you and your bike, stacked with goods, just after shopping. We’ll pick a winner in each of our three categories: largest load, craziest balancing job and weirdest items.

How do I enter?

It's insanely easy. Just snap a photo of you and your bike (loaded with your shopping goods, of course) in front of the store you just visited and then send it in to us...that's it!

When should I send photos?

The campaign runs from 12.08 - 12.09 2013. Send us your photos in that time period for you chance to win.

Where should I sent my photo?

Facebook: Shop by bike KBH or CycleLogistics Twitter: @CycleLogistics #shopbybikekbh #cyclelogistics Instagram:@CycleLogistics #shopbybikekbh #cyclelogistics Email: (subject line: Shop by bike KBH)

What do I win?

There are three choices for you to choose from should you win. Either a classic wicker basket, two different styles of chic front racks or sophisticated side pannier bags, courtesy of Cycle Chic Republic.

What's the fine print?

The only catch is that we need you to take an extremely short (and fun!) online survey about your bicycle shopping habits. You can also find the link on the Shop by bike KBH Facebook page. This survey isn't meant to waste your time. The information you give will help to promote and advocate for better conditions for citizen cyclists all over Europe.

Good luck and happy shopping!

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