The Life-Sized City Blog: Copenhagenize to Prague and Brno, Czech Republic

I have a few lectures lined up in April, among them two trips to the Czech Republic. The first is a seminar in Brno on April 7th, 2010.

“The Seminar should support the cycling and walking transportation as an equal and integrated part of the transportation system and as a suitable way of transport to work. Top experts will introduce examples of good architectonical and transportation solutions of cycling transportation in Denmark, and compare the development in the Czech Republic."
Lars Gemzøe from Gehl Architects will be speaking there, too, which is brilliant.

Later in the month, on 21 April, 2010, there will be a Czech national cycling conference in Prague - Cyklokonference - and I'll be showing up like a stray cat there, too.

Vienna Question!

When travelling to Brno I fly to Vienna. Any readers have good tips on how to kill five hours in the city? Details, please. And hotspots for Cycle Chic photography, too. Thanks in advance.

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