- Bicycle Culture by Design: Copenhagenize & Cycle Chic Travel Schedule 2011

It’s getting busy for and There’s a flurry of activity on the horizon involving Cycle Chic events and lectures at seminars. If anyone is in any of these places and want to hook up, do let me know.

2011 Speaking Venues Include (so far)

Berlin - March. VeloBerlin
Copenhagen School of Media and Technology - April.
Montreal - June.
Barcelona - June.

2010 Venues Included:

Rome - Keynote at Mobility Conference. October.
Helsinki - Keynote speech at the Megapolis 2025 Festival on Sept. 25. Theme: Rhythms of the City.
Melbourne - Keynote at State of Design Festival with Four Goals to Promote Urban Cycling presentation.
Dublin - Cycle Chic party at City Hall. 16 June 2010.
Copenhagen - Keynote at Velo-City 2010 Bicycle Conference
Mexico City - Lecture at Architecture Faculty of UNAM. Dreams on Wheels Exhibition. Launch of Mexico Cycle Chic. 03-07 March 2010.
Brno, Czech Republic - 7 April 2010. Four Goals for Promoting Urban Cycling lecture.
Lleida, Catalonia - 3rd Bicycle Congress in Lleida, Catalonia. Keynote speaker - Bicycle Superhighways. 14-17 April 2010.
Prague, Czech Republic. Keynote at National Cycling Conference hosted by the Ministry of Transport. April 22, 2010. Four Goals for Promoting Urban Cycling lecture. Link to website.


Copenhagen - 24 October 2009. International Sport & Culture Association's MOVE2009 conference. Lecture.
USA West Coast- 28-30 October 2009. Lecture tour.
-Seattle - 28 October 2009
-Portland - 29 October 2009
-San Francisco - 30 October 2009
Pardubice & Prague, Czech Republic - 16-17 September. Exhibition and lecture.
Budapest - 20-23 September. Conference on bicycle culture hosted by Danish Embassy. Participation in Critical Mass ride.
USA East Coast- 27-30 September. Lecture tour.
-New York City - 28 September 2009
-Columbia University, Urban Planning, 29 September 2009
-Baltimore / Climate Ride: 29 September 2009
-Washington, DC. 30 September 2009
La Rochelle, France- 7-9 October. Keynote and Guest of honour at France's largest conference on bicycle culture. Villes Cyclables. Lecture and workshops.
London - Two day trip and photo assignment to London.
Brussels - 12-15 May - Velocity 2009 Bicycle Conference
Amsterdam - 15-16 May
Tokyo, Japan - 22-27 May
Tokyo - Gaien Mae - 23 May - Taking part in the Danish Embassy cycle tour of Japan
Anjo, Japan - 24 May - Taking part in the Danish Embassy cycle tour of Japan.
Fukushima, Japan - 25 May - Taking part in the Danish Embassy cycle tour of Japan
Tokyo - 26-27 May - Copenhagen Cycle Chic photo shoots.
Moscow, Russia - 29 May - Conference hosted by the Danish Embassy and the Danish Cultural Institute in association with the opening of the Dreams on Wheels Exhibition in Moscow. "Using Bicycling Culture to Fight the Problems of Dense Urban Expansion"
29 May - Evening - Copenhagen Cycle Chic event.
Riga, Latvia - Keynote at Conference.

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