The Life-Sized City Blog: Copenhagenize Meets NBC Nightly News

It's an interesting year for Copenhagen. There are a slough of events and conferences in the Danish capital this year. From the OutGames to the IOC Conference where the host city for the 2016 Olympic Games will be chosen to the massive COP15 UN Climate Conference in December.The number of news crews visiting the city will peak in December but there are more than usual throughout the summer.

The NBC Nightly News, from the US, were in town with their Environmental Affairs Correspondant, Anne Thompson. They were in Greenland to see the effects of global warming on the ice cap firsthand and they then spent some time in Copenhagen and environs doing reportage on various environmental issues.

They visited a Hydrogen Community on the Danish island of Lolland and, not surprisingly, they spent a good deal of time on our bicycle culture. They interviewed me and our 'bicycle mayor' Klaus Bondam, as well as our rock-star urban planning legend Jan Gehl.

I figured I'd get Anne Thompson's view on my city and interviewed her in a break from shooting on the King's New Square in Copenhagen. It's always interesting to hear how other people view the city and the bicycle culture.

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