- Bicycle Culture by Design: Good Morning Copenhagen

I shot the morning traffic outside my window over 45 minutes yesterday. It was actually mostly for my own anthropological interest but I figured I slap it onto the internet.It's long - 14 min or so - but there's nice music so make a coffee and relax. It's hynoptic to watch. The people riding past represent just about every corner of society. You'll be sure to see someone who resembles you in some strange way.I had to edit it down for obvious reasons. Also, along this stretch of street it is quite far between lights so the typical waves of cyclists spread out more than they do on streets that lead to the city centre. This street is a kind of ring route, about 10 minutes by bike from the city centre. It gets about 10,000 cyclists a day.Things to look for:A cyclist reading. A cyclist eating an apple. Elderly cyclists. A bouquet of flowers. A postal carrier on a bike. An electric scooter that our elderly or disabled citizens use.Music

The Cardigans - You're the Storm

Tina Dickow - Room With a View
Mireille Matheiu - Les bicyclettes de belsize
Ibens - Jeg savner min blå blå cykel [I miss my blue, blue bicycle]

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