- Bicycle Culture by Design: Friends on Film

Thanks to Jim in London for sending this film along to us. As Jim says:

I really enjoyed the time-lapse video of your cycle commute you posted last December, so much that I tried the same thing here in London last week. As you can see cyclists in London don't have it so good as you do in Copenhagen - we've got to weave in and out of traffic, avoid bendy buses and generally keep trying to not get killed. But it's still worth it, and I really enjoyed making this video. Hope you like it and thanks for the inspiration.

And here's a video from Marc, in many ways our Amsterdam twin.

"I'm a long time fan and it's about friggin' time I submit something cyclicious myself :), in this case a little video of me with a visiting friend from Canada."

About time, indeed, Marc! Considering the amount of material you have on cycling Eurostyle!

Thanks to you both for thinking of us.

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