Updated 26.10.2023

18 June 2009

Fixie Coolville Goes to Stockholm

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Last November I blogged about The World's First Fixie Cargo Bike - my Coolville Bullitt by Larry vs Harry. Some photos dropped into the inbox this morning from Andreas in Stockholm. After reading about the bike on Copenhagenize.com, he decided that he simply must own it. So he hopped on the X2000 express train to Copenhagen and bought it. There was little argument. He was itching for it.

Finally I get to see my baby in the Swedish capital, where Andreas is a bike messenger. Thanks for the photos, Andreas, you madman! :-)

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Andreas also participated in the 14th European Cycle Messenger Championships 2009 and came in 5th on his Bullitt in the cargo bike race.

Here's a little film from the ECMC 09 with focus on the cargo bike category.

Damn, I wish I could have been there.