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I should have been there, but I was elsewhere. Damn. The 14th European Cycle Messenger Championships were held in Berlin from 28 May to 01 June and from what I’ve heard it was a riot. It was held at the Tempelhof airport on a wicked mad course.

My mate Hans from Larry vs Harry was present and he competed in the cargo bike category. From what he tells me, the course was 2 and half hours long and involved many checkpoints and package deliveries.

The photo above is of Hans emerging from a long tunnel on the route.

The cargo bike category was won by a Dane, Nils Jakob „Kvante“ Mørkbak on a Belingy. In the top 5 there were four Bullitts from Larry vs Harry. Andreas, from Stockholm, who finished 5th was riding a Bullitt fixie. He's mad. Hans came in 7th, by the way.

I love the programme wherein you can read this text in the intro:

"Non-messengers are as always tolerated at this event, although leave the excessive posing to the professionals, thanks".

Love it.

Check out the ECMC website for more results and photos. Looks like a brilliant time was had by all.

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