- Bicycle Culture by Design: hej cyklist

The City of Copenhagen’s Bicycle Office rigged up this truck and parked it on City Hall Square in association with a conference about heavy traffic.It reads:Hi Cyclist! Try out a truck and see yourself from a new angle!Nice simple message. No need for fearmongering texts. We all understand the dangers of what the Americans call “right hooks”. Even though cyclists heading straight on have the right of way over turning vehicles, it really is important to understand what it looks like from the cab of such a big truck.

With the hysterical and unscientific helmet promotion currently insulting the intelligence of the nation, it's extra important to underline that helmets won't help when you're hit by a vehicle. Therefore, highlighting vigilance and awareness while cycling is not a bad idea.

Getting the trucks out of the city is a better idea and the Copenhagen government has proposed just this but the national government refuses.

The use of the "Hej Cyklist" title and tone of the message is another incarnation of the behavourial campaign that I and developed for the City of Copenhagen. Here's more on that.

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