The Life-Sized City Blog: Speedway Heros and Striking Nurses

Bicycle rush hour moments in Copenhagen. My mate Jesper snapped this the other morning on his way into work. This is the busiest bike lane in the nation, with 35,000 bikes each day. And at the intersection just across the bridge is where you go if you want to reach Copenhageners.

Last week, the Vice-Mayor kicked off the annual We Cycle to Work campaign on this spot. This time there was a double-whammy.

The chap on the left is Nicki Pedersen, reigning World Speedway Champion. On the right is Hans Andersen, Danish Speedway Champion. They were given typical Copenhagen bikes for a photo shoot to promote an upcoming speedway race. [Note to Americans: Speedway is motorcycle racing and it's massive here.]

At the same time, visible on the left, there is a loud group of striking nurses. They're striking for more pay and they know that there are few places in the nation where you can get face to face with 35,000 Danes. Especially since most of the cyclists stop at the traffic light on the bike lane, so there is loads of time to read banners and hand out brochures.

Got a message you want to tell Copenhageners about? Go to where the Copenhageners are. On the bike lane.

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