The Life-Sized City Blog: Snowpenhagen

It started snowing yesterday which is absolutely wonderful. Our climate change lot is milder winters so snowfall is lovely. I was on my way home from various interviews yesterday and filmed this little film on the way.The forecast today is only for 3-8 cm of snow in Copenhagen and 15-20 cm in other parts of the country, but it's nice to have a sense of winter.I'd love to have a normal winter like we used to have here in Denmark, back when the seas froze and you could walk among the islands and even to Sweden. This photo is from 1922. Denmark has a number of ice breaker ships that are constantly on call during the winter but they haven't seen much action for the past decade or so.

The heat of the city causes most snowfall to melt here in Copenhagen but just a bit farther out into the country it sticks. And on the other side of The Sound, in Sweden, they get more snow, as a rule. I snapped this photo last year. This snowplough is in the small town near the summer house in Höör. Even in this town of 7000 people the bike lanes are cleared of snow right away.

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