- Bicycle Culture by Design: We Cycle To Work Campaign

Above photo by Søren Hytting
This morning was the launch of the annual We Cycle to Work [Vi cykler til arbejde] campaign in Denmark. Here we have the Vice Mayor of Copennhagen, Klaus Bondam, handing out morning rolls to some of the 20,000 cyclists that pedal past on this stretch of road each day. He’s the man in charge of traffic and the environment and we’ve posted about him before.My mate Jesper was one of the many who recieved a roll and a trouser reflector. Here’s his take on things:

It’s a popular campaign. You hook up with your colleagues at work and form teams, calculating how many kilometres you collectively ride for a month. The winning team gets a trip to some strange, exotic place. Last year Greenland. This year Canada. Which is basically the same place, except the first one is Danish… :-)It’s all low-maintenence. All you do is ride your bike to work, which many people do anyway. I used to take part each year when I worked at Danish Broadcasting Corp. Between 90,000 and 105,000 people take part each year across the Kingdom.Here’s what Jesper got out of the deal:

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