Updated 27.10.2023

13 December 2014

Street Photography from the World's Youngest Urbanist

Lulu Street Photography_40

Everybody sees their city differently. What does the city look like through the eyes of The World's Youngest Urbanist? Lulu-Sophia keeps delivering a solid flow of pure observations about city life. She also grows up in a home filled with cameras and has free access to all of them. What about putting those two things together, I thought.

Some Canon camera, be it 5 or 7D is usually lying in the window sill at our place. I often find photos on the memory card that Lulu-Sophia had taken of people out on the street in front of our flat. She just started picking up the camera and shooting. A couple of years ago I started handed her the camera when we're riding around on the Bullitt cargo bike.

I never say what she should take photos of. I just say "take photos if you want". Totally up to her and no big deal if she doesn't. Sometimes I don't notice what she does but when I load the photos onto the computer, I get to see what she sees. And it is quite wonderful.

I've made a little set of her street photography work on Flickr from when she was five but here are some of her shots from the urban landscape. Both from the flat and from the Bullitt.

Lulu Street Photography_38

By and large, she photographs people. Still Life must be like watching paint dry for a five year old. Humans, please. Except, perhaps, for a pretty red bicycle (farther down) that caught her eye.


Lulu Street Photography_5
Lulu Street Photography_26


Lulu Street Photography_41
Lulu Street Photography (2)

People doing things. Transporting themselves, waiting for someone, observing - in their own way - their city. Humans watching humans.


Lulu Street Photography
Lulu Street Photography_20


Lulu Street Photography_13
Lulu Street Photography_23


Lulu Street Photography_32


Lulu Street Photography_9
Lulu Street Photography_14


Lulu Street Photography_7
Lulu Street Photography_18

There are many bicycles, mostly because it's like shooting fish in a barrel in Copenhagen. You can't take a shot without a bicycle in it. When shooting from the flat, she shoots cyclists and pedestrians.

Lulu Street Photography_12


Lulu Street Photography_42
Lulu Street Photography_17


Lulu Street Photography_16


Lulu Street Photography_34
Lulu Street Photography_2


Lulu Street Photography_11

And of course, the set wouldn't be complete without a shot of your big brother, Felix.