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Denmark is one of the most technologically advanced nations on earth. As illustrated by this hi-tech bicycle seen in Copenhagen.Clockwise from left: “Fingerprint scanner” - on the wheel lock.“Theftproof"“GPS Monitoring"“Neighbourhood Watch”

The bike racks near Nørreport Station had been visited by eager advertisers. Brochures for a travel agency on every back rack.

Good News From Edmonton

The new Edmonton in Canada, not the old one in England...

Our friend and guest photographer Manfred let us in on some local news from the Alberta capital:

"Let's watch what happens in pioneering Montreal, and consider a bike-sharing system for Edmonton. For all the wind about evironmental sustainability generated by the turbine of the human persuasion, any real progress must also begin at home.[...]

For the past few years, some 100 cities - including the likes of Paris, Barcelona and Washington, DC - have hosted bicycle sharing programs. [...] Paris' Velib program has been a massive success, for example, where over 20,000 bikes have been used on 27 million rides.[...]

Montreal is road-testing its own bike-sharing system that could serve as a template for other Canadian cities, including Edmonton.[...] with Montreal leading the way, Edmonton will have an appropriate model to study. The hope is City Hall will be doing just that over the coming year. Bike-sharing could well make sense here, at once improving the city's environment, along with the health of Edmontonians."

Thanks for letting us know, Manfred. Good to see some bike-positive news from Canada.

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