The Life-Sized City Blog: Craft Brews on Craft Bikes

The EU-funded CycleLogistics project has been up and running for a few years now, working to promote the use of cargo bikes for inner city goods transport. As part of the project, we here at Copenhagenize Design Company reach out to local shops and businesses and offer them a free cargo bike for a month. In that time, they use the bike as it fits their company needs and hopefully at the end of the trial period they’ll realize all the amazing benefits and invest in one of their own.

Here in Copenhagen, and around the world, Mikkeller has been a pioneer of the craft beer scene. Their innovative brewing styles and flavors can be found around the world, and in Copenhagen these exciting beers are a welcome change of place for beer lovers craving something other than a Carlsberg. Needless to say, we were thrilled to hear that they wanted to try out a Bullitt cargo bike as part of the CycleLogistics project.

During the months of November and December, the guys and gals at Mikkeller rode the bike around town for a wide range of small deliveries. They had the extra benefit of a Bullitt with an electrical assist component. As Thomas Schøn, one of the bike's primary users at the micro-brewery put it, "I feel like Superman on this bike!" In addition to its regular deliveries, Mikkeller has recently started a pilot brewing system a short distance from their flagship bar in the Vesterbro neighborhood of Copenhagen. This means that Thomas must cart kilo after kilo of malt, hops and other brewing ingredients back and forth between locations. He notes that while it's simply too far to walk with 40 kilos in tow, starting up a car to travel just a few blocks feel ridiculous. The cargo bike is the ideal solution to this all-too-common urban conundrum. While it's certainly true that in Copenhagen it's generally easier to move about by bike than by car, the use of cargo bikes continues to rise less-obvious cities both in Europe and around the world. Delivery services, small businesses and regular individuals and families continue to see the benefit of 2 (or 3!) wheeled transit. While the CycleLogistics project will come to a close later this year, you can bet that here at Copenhagenize we'll keep on promoting the limitless uses of the indomitable cargo bike.

You can read about the Cyclelogistics study showing The Massive Potential for Shifting Trips From Car to Bike right here.

Visit the Cyclelogistics website or join the Facebook group. Oh, and we're on Twitter, too.

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