- Bicycle Culture by Design: christmas

If we lived in Toy-penhagen, this is what this rush hour would look like. Citizen Cyclists riding through the city.

Man in a suit complete with mobile. Supermum with her kid and her coffee. Flowers decorating a bike.

The elderly (with baguettes), a doctor, you name it.

Businessman with briefcase. 50% + female ridership. Etc.

One-handed riding. Yep... it's all there. All we need is for LEGO to make stilettos and mini-skirts if we really want to make a true representation of Copenhageners on their bicycles, but hey.

I have also reproduced one of my favourite bicycle posters in Lego. Based on the 1922 poster from Peugeot. Bicycles on top of the world.

Felix and I have also played around with Lego as urban infill, if you fancy a look.

If you haven't spotted the Copenhagenize Design Company christmas card on Twitter or our Facebook page, here it is. Have a lovely holiday season and a wonderful new year.

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