Updated 26.10.2023

01 June 2013

LEGO Urban Infill

The Kids Want the City Back

It's not just about bicycles as transport. The city needs lots of important things. More colour. More citizen interaction. More cinemas, for example. So Felix and I decided to do something about it. There was the perfect little hole in the wall across the street from us, in a doorway. Last December, we decided that a bit of urban infill would be just the ticket. We agreed that we needed a cinema closer to home.

The Kids Want the City Back

We measured the hole and went home to build our Lego Cinema, returning to glue it in place. The kid taking the city back.


The Kids Want the City Back

Because we can.



I recalled that a few years ago the Danish Architecture Center (I think) put up tables on City Hall Square along with a fantastic amount of white Lego bricks. Passersby stopped up and built whatever their heart desired. The Felix and I spent a good couple of hours there.

Chess Set

Continuing on the LEGO theme, Felix and I made this chess set five years ago. We still have it and use it.

Lego Chess