The Life-Sized City Blog: Amsterdamize/Copenhagenize

Just got home from this year’s Cycle Chic Conference in Budapest and it was a wonderful coincedence that Marc from Amsterdamized was in town at the same time. Haven’t seen him for a long while - we’re both busy, of course. It was great to see him. He was in town to speak at a conference and design exhibition with the Dutch Embassy. So, I drank their free wine at the exhibition.

The next night was the Cycle Chic citizen cyclists fashion show, so his camera was busy. And later we dished up some free drinks and food for him at the afterparty. What goes around comes around.

What we do.

What people think we do. In a nutshell it was (and always is) a pleasure to meet one of the strongest and most important voices in the global urban cycling/liveable cities movement and... well... just hang out and drink with him.

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