The Life-Sized City Blog: An American Ambassador on a Bike

Normally I don’t give a toss about whoever is sitting in the American Embassy here in Copenhagen, but the chap at the moment likes to bike.

James P. Cain is a Bushite, as far as I can tell, but he isn't shy about his passion for sustainability. Too bad he's here and not in public office 'over there', where he's needed.

He's made an effort to see as much of Denmark on a bike as possible. 2200 kilometres in all, by the time he's done. Last year he cycled around the islands of Falster and Zealand [the latter is where Copenhagen is located] in order to see the country and talk to Danes.He is kicking off this spring by heading to the mainland, Jutland, and the island of Funen before heading back to Copenhagen. Anyone who wants to ride with him is invited.Let's be honest. Being an ambassador in Denmark isn't a nine to five job... :-) But it isn't a bad idea spending your free time riding around the nation you are stationed in.

Apparently he is passionate about the idea of a sustainable society and loves Denmark for that reason. His first stop this year is the island of Aeroe on March 17th, as the 'bassador is itching to see the Marstal Solar Power Plant - the world's largest and, quite possibly, the oldest. 18,000 m" of pure solar power joy.

He calls his initiative the ReDiscovery Bike Tour and if you are itching to hitch up with 'bassador Jimbo, here's the schedule.

If you take part, you get a coin like in the photo... which your tax dollars paid for anyway.Sure, my tone is playful and ironic. But Go Jimbo Go. It's a fine initiative.

[And that last sentence is a disclaimer in order to prevent being picked up in the dead of night, bundled on board an illegal CIA plane and flown off to a secret prison in Eastern Europe... you know the story. All too well...]

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