The Life-Sized City Blog: Copenhagenize to Brazil

I’ll be arriving in Sao Paulo, Brazil today, to work with the City of Sao Paulo on an exciting project. It’s going to be exciting to finally start consulting on this. More later. After that, I’ll be speaking at the Center for Architecture and Urbanism in Rio de Janeiro with my new talk - Bicycle Culture by Design. I’ll be highlighting how the status quo regarding cars taking over our streets came about and how our cities will benefit from a little less traffic engineering and planning and a little more focus on design. Design as an accessible language with which we can communicate our visions for more liveable cities, as well as comparing things like designing toasters and mobile phones with bicycle infrastructure. I’ll be giving this talk at many venues in the coming months, not least at the Pro Walk Pro Bike conference in September in Long Beach, California. But first, Brazil. I’m looking forward to returning to Sao Paulo, where I met the most fantastic group of cyclists who are working hard to transform their city. A man was killed in the city recently - hit by a bus on his bicycle - and there is a strong and growing protest in the city since then. I have a feeling this visit will be a powerful experience. And I’ve already arranged to be picked up at the airport in Rio, like last year: Eternally cool.

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