Updated 26.10.2023

09 February 2012

Montreal Cargo Bikes

Montreal Cargo Bike Delivery_1

I was in Montreal last week, after visiting Halifax for the Kickstand Sessions. I was pleased to see a number of cargo bikes on the streets. This chap, above, was delivering goods for this supermarket, below:

Montreal Cargo Bike Delivery_2


Montreal Cargo Bike Delivery (2)

These two cargo bikes were parked outside a shop in Mile End, on Bernard Street.

Montreal Cargo Bike_1

And this gentleman was riding around with his son on his Nihola cargo bike.

Montreal Nihola

Which he was also doing last summer, when I was in town.

Montreal Tour la nuit 041

Here are some other cargo bike photos from Montreal. Quelle ville!

Montreal Tour de l'Ile 031


Veló Montreal 002