Updated 26.10.2023

21 December 2011

Support Dublin Cycling

UPDATE: 22 December 2012: The City of Dublin has allowed for a six month extension, so that Dublin's cycling officer can keep his job. Result! Read more here.

Dublin City Council are set to end a key role aimed at promoting cycling and making road conditions safer for cyclists. They're sacking the city's cycling officer.

The city - every city - needs someone to speak up for bicycle users in planning issues, transport discussions, everywhere.

Please sign the petition: http://bit.ly/t6GXen
Campaign Video: http://bit.ly/uCqkiZ
Follow the hashtag on twitter: #dublincycling

Campaign Letter
Dublin Cycling Campaign Information: http://bit.ly/rMFcnd

Campaign in the media
Irish Times: http://bit.ly/sObhl2
The Journal: http://bit.ly/tKTsuE
Trade Union TV Video: http://bit.ly/shUx4V