- Bicycle Culture by Design: peter pagh

Peter contacted us last year with this song that he had written and recorded called I Bike CPH. Inspired by Copenhagen's bicycle culture and the glorious bicycle traffic that he rides in every day. He has now put it on YouTube. Brilliant. It's in Danish but we've translated the lyrics (roughly, for context) below. Thanks, Peter!

I cross The Lakes, I know I'm just a statistic We bust the myth that there are only egos in the traffic Don't have any rosy dreams of travelling away I'm staying in Copenhagen - 'cause I Bike CPH Push hard on the pedals, the energy is within me Overtake pensioners, but there is room for them, too. Chill out, from the moment the sun goes to work Roll out into the nightlife, where everyone wobbles piss drunk Down Nørrebrogade and everyone can see a flock of iron horses parked outside Café Louise Everyone is in the saddle, even the elected and the well-paid Your snobby aunt and snotty kids Some take up too much space on the asphalt Others roll slyly along Messengers roar past on fixies On Østerbrogade new fathers ride with kids on the back that think "the city is with me" Under the sun are the city's new traffic hubs Soon without noise, it's quite a wonder We fill the streets so the miserable motorists

Can't see the city because of all the cyclists

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