Updated 26.10.2023

23 August 2011

Holding Hands

Felix et Lulu

The holiday with me and my kids to Barcelona involved a lot of 'bicycle commuting', or whatever it's called. Back and forth to the beach at Bogatell each day. Lulu in the box of the Bakfiets and Felix on his own bike, a one-speed. Both provided by our friends at Bike Gracia, Barcelona's coolest bike shop. Run by a Dutchman, of course.

There was shooting and filming along the way but my two kids provided a little Kodak moment for Daddy whilst waiting for the light near the Arc de Triomph.

Felix et Lulu _1



Barcelona Felix Gracia
Barcelona Felix et Lulu Bikes

At left: Heading out for dinner one evening in the Gracia neighbourhood. At right: Heading home from a day at the beach one evening.


Barcelona Cycle Chic_5
BarcaKids 05-1

View from the bike lanes of Barcelona. At right: Felix in the box of the Bakfiets before we got hold of his own bike.


Barcelona Felix et Lulu Support Vehicle

Barcelona Support Vehicle. Lulu handing a rice cake to Felix on the way home from the beach one day.


Barcelona Felix i Lulu Gracia

Evening transport in our neighbourhood.


Barcelona Cycling Shoes

Bakfiets and flip flops. Together at last. Effective even up the hill on the way home to Gracia and up to Park Guell.

Here's a previous post about our trip to Barcelona: Liveable La Vida Liveable in Barcelona.