The Life-Sized City Blog: Bike Lane Cash

It’s rare that I have cash in my pockets as everything is debit cards here - from a pack of gum to you name it. But a had a 200 kroner note the other day and it surprised me to see that it’s a new design! That’s how rare I see cash. Anyway, it’s of Knippels Bridge over the harbour and, right there on the money, is a bike lane. To the left of the sidewalk. It’s seperated up to the bridge and on the other side but over the bridge it’s a painted line. It’s very wide and features about 20,000 cyclists a day.

Now I'm sure the artist was focusing on the tower that controls the drawbridge and the spires of the city in the background, but I'm also sure that it's the first time bicycle infrastructure has featured on national currency. :-)

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