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Twitter is handy, quick and efficient. It's blogging light. Sometimes I get carried away. Many of the tweets and retweets would fit in fine on this blog, but time... time is a bandit. So here's a reverse tweet post with some of the links from the past few weeks.There are just over 3000 followers on twitter - which is a bit more than the number of readers - but I thought that maybe some readers don't use twitter, so here's a catch up.I'm off skiing for the weekend - a 2 hour drive from Copenhagen - so these may keep you busy.

Stupid automobile industry - get your own goddamn ideas @larryvsharry

Pedestrians Texting or Listening to Music at Crosswalks Could be Fined $100 - Ignoring the Bull?

"Estimating the Employment Impacts of Pedestrian, Bicycle and Road Infrastructure" (pdf) Villescyclables

100 or so photos of bike share system bicycles - in use by Citizen Cyclists - from 9 or so cities. Flickr photo set.

Charlie Brooker on BBC2 explains how TV builds the Culture of Fear (not available in my area. damn.) @duncanfwalker

Foriegn embassies lead the way to urban cycling in China

Isn’t it time to end the Taliban approach to road safety? @kim_harding

New report quantifies just how much a car commute crushes your soul @grist

'1924 report: “Cars are healthy and make you travel less”' @amsterdamized

Pleasant Italian warning sign for tram drivers: "Pass at a man's pace". Very human.

49 photographs of cyclists signalling a stop or a turn. A Flickr set from Copenhagenize

All power to Detroit! Go bicycle or go home #detroit

While Danish postmen race their bicycles here in the UK, they end up in a skip @RichmondCycling

National Household Travel Survey, " 87% of surveyed Americans didn't ride a bike last week." @stevevance #amusing

Freakonomics seems to have forgotten the bicycle. Will 'cycling' be among the promised explanations?


This is nothing short of brilliant... and hilarious #cyclechic

British MP @julianhuppert questions DfT's constant 'Ignoring the Bull' in Parliament on Friday. @carltonreid

Happy to see so many bikes parked at my local mega- mart #suburbancycling @eva_lu_

The Hungarian chainless StringBike: News clip in Danish, but the string bike features.

Saving the world, one parking space at a time @randyrichmond

New bike parking for 2000 bikes in Malmö @malmolund (click 'translate' button) @ErikSandblom @cycleville

I'm looking forward to speaking at VeloBerlin in March. Cool speaker lineup, incl @mayoroflondon and sadikh khan (both tbc)

The City of Hamburg promised to keep cycle tracks clear this winter. Hamburgize reports on a different reality

'Portland enjoys a golden age of cycling - a century ago' 1st of 3 parts (and no ebikes or lycra!)


Anti-bike lane zombies: Amazing & hilarious @ErikSandblom

City of York has 'Cycle Chic' rides to encourage more women to ride. Ironically, the link in the last tweet is from the Make Sport Fun website. Sigh. @BikebytheSea

"The dangers of cycling on the road alone would make me terrified" #Irony? Read the comments too!


Redhead Cycle Chic' #CycleChic #london

Apparently ALL bike commuters stopped riding over Xmas in Melb. Lame excuse? Besides, it's not just about commuters

If you want to learn about bicycle research in North America, start with Professor Pucher's website @stevevance

If cyclists in Oregon can't hear music (but the deaf may cycle), then car radios should be illegal and drivers forced to have open windows

A propos shared bike share or bike rental helmets: Are Baseball Helmets Making Our Kids Sick?

Some fat guy working as a comedian takes the piss out of bikes instead of riding one

"Unfortunately, like smokers and gamblers, car addicts get very defensive about their habit" @KarlOnSea

First cycle chic, now subway sweeties. Next up for alternative transportation: bus babes? yes please.

Portland pushing to take over speed limit control from State DOT. (are you listening, Copenhagen City Hall?)


Enrique Peñalosa: the 20th century will be remembered for its catastrophic urbanism, for cities built for cars and not for people.

Enrique Peñalosa: "Cycling is, after all, just a more efficient way of walking." @sindandune

Enrique Peñalosa: A child in a tricycle has the right to same amount of space in the street as a person in a car


If deaf people can legally bike, how can we outlaw headphones? @BikePortland

I am a criminal: the penalty for not wearing a polystyrene hat... @chillikebab

Interesting conversation starter. What do U think? "Car Industry Strikes Back with hugs" @Kia_Motors

@BikingToWork study showed a 5-10 mph reduction in traffic speeds increased residential property values by about 20%

Hard to tell if guy in these pics is getting ready to ride a bike or rob a bank. @amsterdamized @BrooklynSpoke

Live the West Coast dream. My sister is selling her gas station/laundramat on an idyllic island on Canadas west coast

Selling cool bicycles with fear. GOOD fear. HEALTHY fear

Fashion on bicycles from 1936 and some home movie footage from 1940 #cyclechic

Off to drink coffee, shoot the shit and clean my salt-encrusted Bullitt at Larry vs Harry's workshop.

Reading I Am Not a Cyclist blog

Toss the Albatross: Bike share needs helmet choice @cyclefreo

I love it that Copenhagen buses have free wireless.

Non-hardcore #Ottawa cyclist shouts out for bike infrastructure #cycling #citizencyclist @cyclaw


Do motorists really want a fair deal? Didn't think so. @dave42w @kim_harding @theurbancountry

University of BC: "Purpose-built bicycle-only facilities have lowest risk of crashes and injuries."

Non-hardcore Ottawa cyclist shouts out for bike infrastructure #ottawa

How motorists have it so cheap or "War FOR the Subsidised and Careless Motorist"

Freiburgize! In the 1970′s Freiburg decided to encourage people to use public transport, walk or cycle


Life in the slow lane: You’ve got yer -izes on the 1 hand, and yer Chics on the other @24orangesNL

@bikesnobnyc is a fantastic scribe, but his music video skills need work

Mica’s Goal: More Cars Off of the Highway


BikeBiz Territory Report: Denmark

Latest rationale for mandatory bike registration in NYC is "...they're in Spandex or whatnot." @bikesnobnyc

Breaking news from the world of sport; Team Leopard's new uniform @Paybascyclechic

#BikeNJ follow up: 'N.J. lawmaker withdraws proposal to require license plates for bicycles'

Boris Johnson driver obstructs cycle lane'

Interesting that Greenlick uses the "if it saved only 1 life" argument. Why is that never used for car journeys? @carltonreid

Portland gives up providing a safe bike environment. Tells vulnerable users, "It's YOUR responsibility"

Banning family bikes. In Oregon. House Bill 2228 must not pass! , @ErikSandblom


Another reason to keep building motorways: They provide cost efficient shade for... horses. @theretronaut

180 km of bicycle infrastructure in Barcelona. With more on the way.

The City of Cyclists music video has been seen 140,000 times on YouTube, Vimeo and on Japanese sites. Nice!

Girl wins €10,000 for trauma when bike fell near her in shop! (hope she had a helmet nearby) @cyclesocial

Scientific American on helmets

San Francisco Bicycling up 3% last year, +58% since 2006 « EcoVelo @ErikSandblom

Citizens of Lego City concerned about streetcar gentrification... @ErikSandblom @ellyblue

Absolutely hilarious. Downtown vs The Suburbs

New site against mandatory helmet laws: Helmet Freedom

A pedestrian braves the challenges of sprawl @UrbanLandInst @blackurbanist

"Helmet laws arguably infringe on civil liberties" and more

Bike industry stealing freely from my coined "Citizen Cyclist" phrase? :-)

Bilbranschen pratar cykelhjälm men tiger om bilhjälm

"Har jag låtits mig skrämmas till att skaffa hjälm?" @caminomagasin

Melbourne police embark on 12 day blitz on cyclists @sydcyclechic

Pyongyang Cycle Chic and Hot Cycling Cities for 2011 @BehoovingMoving

"Cars hold more people than bicycles do--every car on the road can replace up to six bicycles." :-)


Adding Bicycle Infrastructure Creates More Riders @randyrichmond @YubaBicycles

British streets too 'narrow' / 'not suitable 'for bike infstrastructure? Bullshit @KarlOnSea

Toronto's Separated Bike Lanes: Just Build Them Already #bikeTO @jamesschwartz

LOL, "If they put a curb on the bike lane, taxis will have to stop in the middle of the street." #bikeTO @jamesschwartz

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