The Life-Sized City Blog: Alternative Post

William and Gerry both sent us a link to a story on the BBC about a bicycle messenger who is becoming an alternative to the Royal Mail. Great stuff. He’s not just competing against the might of the Royal Mail, he’s competing against their fleet of 33,000 bicycles. Which sounds even cooler.The related photo, above, was taken in Paris a couple of weeks ago. The name says it all. Alternative Post.So now we have a theme and now I have a reason to chuck a load of photos of postal workers into the theme.

The Royal Danish Post.

Hungarian postal bike and a US postal service box on a bike.

And here's a slough of Danish postal shots featuring the bicycle. The Royal Danish Post designs their own bikes. They have new ones now and all the old ones went to Estonia. I used to deliver the post on Saturdays and the bikes are sturdy and reliable. The cargo bikes are pretty decent, too.

There. Got all that out of my system.

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