Updated 27.10.2023

18 January 2011

New Car Industry Strikes Back - With a Hug

Another interesting advert fra a car company. If you've been following this blog you'll know about the car adverts we've blogged that seemed to be attacking - let's just say taking the piss out of - cyclists. Most are under the Car Industry Strikes Back tag.

Then Citroën launched this advert last year that seems to be keen on playing the urban co-existence card.

And now this KIA Canada advert.

"After all, we started out making bicycles. Sharing... that's how we can all drive change..."

Ford is suddenly advertising their origins as a bicycle manufacturer. It's the positive, penultimate message in the advert.

Goodness me. Is the car industry accepting the reemergence of the bicycle? Are they trying to change motorist behaviour with their message?

Or are they just capitalising on a trend in order to look warm and understanding?

What do you think?