- Building Better Bicycle Cultures: Bicycle Repair Book for Citizen Cyclists

I spent New Year’s in Montreal visiting friends and spent a great deal of time in great bookshops. I found this book in this cool second-hand bookshop and paid $7 for it. It is refreshing in that it’s written in non-geek language and the photos in the book reflect regular citizens on bicycles. Definately cool as a gift for someone who is new to urban cycling if you can find a copy. (Thanks to Tom who informed us that it is available at AK PRESS)

I also saw a book on sale for $8.00 in the window. The guy in the shop said he had four other copies. It's a certain book written by a certain bicycle blogger. I am systematically and mercilessly waiting for a either a free copy or until the price drops to $5 in a few weeks.

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