- Bicycle Culture by Design: March 2010


My Bike Number is a free registration service where you print out a QR code and stick it on your bicycle. Link from An Affair With Fashion.


The City That Hates Bikes. Link from Reuben.

And this article Safety Experts Urge Cyclists to Sit Up and Take Notice. Sydney will never be a bicycle-friendly city until it develops a ''second cycling culture'' which encourages relaxed European-style riding without the compulsory use of helmets, experts have warned.


Hackney, London is A Cycling Hell according to Crap Waltham Forest in this post called Crap Cycling and Walking in Hackney. Oft heralded as London's bicycling mecca, there's little bicycle infrastructure to speak of and that's a problem (surprise, surprise).


Green Lights for Bikes - Providing for bike riders at traffic signals. From Bicycle Victoria.


The Bristol Bike Project is a short documentary about a bike recycling workshop on City Road in Bristol. If you know of anyone with an old or unwanted bicycle then you could consider contacting The Bike Project at


What's Stopping Women From Cycling. Link from Mark at I Bike London.


Here's a BBC clip about the pedi-cabs in Phnom Penh. Link from Ed.


A blogpost with cool photos about Scientists on Bikes.

San Francisco

Cycle Tracks - Smartphone app from San Francisco. Link from Greg.


Contraflow lanes for cyclists being considered by council in Dublin, says Padhraig.

New York

Biking the Big Apple by James from The Urban Country.


Share the Road Green Paper in Canada. Link from Autumn.

First our Toronto bike sharing program comes under fire and now we learn that the police are "powerless" to enforce no parking in bike lanes. Link from Duncan.

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