Updated 27.10.2023

22 March 2007

Danes hold EU record for working from home


Desk, originally uploaded by Verisimilitude [Zakka].

I read today that 25% of Danes choose to work from home 'often' or 'occasionally'. This a record in the EU where the average among other countries is only 13%.

Many workplaces encourage it and most of my colleagues have one day a week where they work from home. It's great and it helps reduce stress.



Red.Shoe., originally uploaded by [Zakka] - putting the Z back in akka.

Springtime fashion on the streets of Copenhagen.



Smile, originally uploaded by Quod Libertarius [Zakka].

She couldn't continue on because of the police line blocking the street so she turned around and, as she rode into my shot, she smiled.

The "Ungdomshus" - "Youth House" in Copenhagen was raided by police this morning, March 1, 2007. It went peacefully but during the day and evening street battles have been taking place.
It's a long story but more can be read here: