Updated 27.10.2023

05 November 2010

Health Warnings on Cars - The Ball is Rolling

Driving can seriously harm you and others around you

Readers may recall Copenhagenize's call for logical campaigns - why not legislation - for health warning on cars, like the ones we see on cigarette packets.

This features in the talk I give in many cities: Four Goals for Promoting Urban Cycling. It always gets a laugh and often gets a mention in the press coverage of the talks.

You can then imagine my thrill upon recieving the following photo from our reader Marián, in the Czech Republic.

Driving Harms You and Your Environment

Look at that. What a billboard. Right there on the left, slapped bravely and boldly onto a gridlock photo is the health warning label for the new millenium. It reads, in Czech,

"Driving a car harms you and your environment"

Brilliant. Okay, it's a Czech Bicycle Industry advert at the Bike Brno 2010 Expo and not a government campaign but hey... this is a brilliant start. And much needed in the Czech Republic. Prague is a black hole on the map regarding urban cycling. Bicycles are returning to the strangest cities these days, but Prague hardly registers on the map.

It's really quite bizarre.

Health Warning for Cars

Anyway, when I was in the States last year I saw this at Office Depot - let's get producing them.