The Life-Sized City Blog: Danes Doing Everything on Bicycles

The newspaper MetroXpress had an article today about a group of foreign students studying in Denmark who drew drawings about their impressions of Copenhagen and Denmark. A kind of cartoon response to the Muhammed cartoon saga. Winnon Brunson Jr, above, is an American student at the University of Copenhagen. He explains the idea behind his drawing:

"The drawing shows the Danes' effectivness and ability to multi-task. The man on the bicycle isn't just cycling - he's sitting on the toilet and taking a shower with the run-off water from the umbrella at the same time. On the back of the bike is his child who is providing a bit of green energy from a windmill. Danes can manage many different things with very little time and space - that's what the drawing hopes to express. But Copenhagen is also a very environmentally-friendly city where the citizens take part in sustainability. That has really amazed me.

The thinking is very progressive and very unique in a global perspective. Otherwise the Danes, in the course of my two months here, have proved to be very straightforward and open people..."

Not a bad spot of branding of this city.

The group of students have been chosen as youth ambassadors for Denmark and are participating in a talent programme with Youth GWA.

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