The Life-Sized City Blog: Daily Pickings

He must have been about 150 and yet he rode well and steady and looked dapper doing so. Complete with a briefcase on his back rack. And on a cool, old SCO bike.

For the better part of a century, Danish children have learned to ride a bike with a parent behind them holding a broom handle stuck under the seat, between the back forks.Now, of course, you can buy ready-made handles, but it's just not the same. It's a handy way to learn, though.

A cargo bike waiting for the bike traffic light, a Danish postal worker heading straight on and a cyclists waiting to cross. A random moment in Copenhagen.

Every taxi in Copenhagen is equipped with a detachable bike rack with room for two bikes. It'll cost you 10 kroner extra per bike. Very handy.

Ironic that every taxi in bike-friendly Copenhagen is a new, bad-ass Mercedes or equivalent. But man, those leather seats are lovely to sit on.

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