The Life-Sized City Blog: Bicycles in The Red Light District in Utrecht

After visiting the Dutch Cyclists Union - Fietsersbond - last week for a business meeting we went on a bicycle ride around the city of Utrecht.What a lovely city with some interesting and enlightening infrastructure for bicycles. Like elsewhere in the Netherlands, Utrecht has a Red Light District. It’s called the Zandpad (Sand path) and it is located along a picturesque canal. The women work out of long row of canal boats.

Photo by Buzzthrill on Flickr.Together with Suzanne, Wim and Theo from the Fietserbond we cycled past. Suzanne explained how the bicycle path along the canal had experienced some problems with the heavy traffic in area. Cars were parking up on the bicycle lane and customers were walking along it like a sidewalk.In typical Dutch fashion, a solution was sought. Fences were put up between the road and parking and the two-way bicycle lane in order to allow unrestricted access for bicycles to ride past. Taking photos is frowned upon, but I took the photo at the top from a bridge and you can see the fences on the left. There were just as many canal boats on the other side of the bridge behind me.You could, of course, lock your bicycle to the fence if you were a customer arriving by bicycle. An added bonus.

Here’s Wim and Suzanne. Theo decided to take his Velomobiel:

Driving through the red light district, you will notice that bicycles are as much a part of the landscape as the neon lights. The paths are usually filled with a large number of parked bicycles - as locals and tourists frequent the area. Interestingly, many who come to this part of the city are not only interested in its famous nightlife, but they also enjoy the thrill of online gaming - which is why visitors here often visit online casinos. I’ve put together a selection of my favorite cycling-themed slots that resonate well with my fellow cyclists.

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