- Building Better Bicycle Cultures: Bicycle Rush Hour in Copenhagen

With my Copenhagenize Consulting hat on I've produced a series of short and sweet films for the City of Copenhagen's Bicycle Office. Short films on five different bicycle subjects for use in presentations when their employees travel to conferences and what not.I rather fancied this longer version of the Copenhagen Rush Hour film - a Director's Cut if you will - and decided to slap it rudely onto the internet. Shot over a period of several months, featuring a number of locations, I hope it shows what rush hour is like in the City of Cyclists.Most of the footage is taken in the morning rush hour, although with some exceptions. It's more concentrated in the morning than in the afternoon.

There is also a set on Flickr of rush hour shots if you like: Bicycle Rush Hour in Copenhagen.

Rush hour on bicycles in Copenhagen seems to be a popular subject on youtube. Here's a film shot by a visitor. And this one is pretty famous by now. And then there's this one.

But really... isn't this the goal? A return to where we used to be?

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