- Building Better Bicycle Cultures: Bicycle Parking at the Beach - The Movie

It's a simple little video. We were on our way home from the beach and Felix and I had been talking about filming and various techniques like keeping the camera steady and what a panning shot is. So he got the camera while sitting in the cargo box of the Bullitt and he filmed all the bicycles at the beach while we were heading home. Practicing holding the camera steady and panning the camera back and forth. I wasn't planning on editing it, but it's a fine little film from the 8 year old Boy Wonder.On a hot weekend day this beach - Amager Strandpark - is packed with Copenhageners enjoying the summer. There are tens of thousands of bikes. In the racks (there's parking for 5000 bikes on the 4 km stretch of beach) but largely just parked in the sand or leaning against sand dunes. This stretch we rode is only about 1/15th of the length of the pathway so you can imagine how many more bicycles went unrecorded.

Here's an earlier post about bicycles at the beach. There are loads more films on the Copenhagenize Channel on Vimeo.

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