- Bicycle Culture by Design: Danish Crown Prince in DC

Photo from Berlingske.dkCrown Prince Frederik of Denmark is on an official visit in Washington DC and today he was on a bike ride with a bunch of people. He’s seen above, with a politically correct helmet, but riding relaxed in best Citizen Cyclist style next to Congressman Tom Petri, from Wisconsin, with other politicians and athletes in tow.

Danish TV channel TV2 reports that a female motorist rolled down her window and shouted at the cyclists on the bike ride, saying that they were blocking traffic. Ah... world's collide. :-)

The Crown Prince (he's even got his own website!) is a cool chap by all accounts. When I first moved to Copenhagen some 16 years ago I was a party in a flat and my friends pointed at a guy saying, "That's the Crown Prince of Denmark". I didn't believe them, of course, but the 'guy' confirmed that he was in fact the Crown Prince when I went over to ask. As you can see in the photo, the Crown Prince is no stranger to bicycles. He's Danish, for heavens sake. Nor is his brother, Prince Joachim, with whom I went for a bike ride in Mexico City.
Indeed, the Crown Prince is known for cycling his kids to daycare and school on the family cargo bike. A really down to earth chap.If only that motorist knew that before she shouted at him and the others. He's just a Citizen Cyclist.

And if you live in DC, keep your eye out for the Cultural Attaché from the Danish Embassy, Torsten Jansen. Quite possibly the most dapper cyclist in the city on his Pedersen bicycle and the architect behind the Crown Prince's visit.

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