Updated 27.10.2023

12 May 2010

Pick a Poster, Any Poster

Svajerløb / DM for Ladcykler Poster Prototype 01

Help me out here, readers. Copenhagenize.com is proud to be one of the sponsors of this year's Svajerløb - Danish Cargo Bike Championships 2010 on June 26, 2010 here in Copenhagen. (the day after the Velo-City conference - so we're hoping for some strong foreign teams - but we'll blog about that later)

We've blogged about the Svajere - the original bike messengers - before and here's our coverage of last year's race.

ANYWAY... I've been whipping together some rough prototypes for posters. Here they are. Which one do you like the best? There's a poll at the end of this post.


Svajerløb / DM for Ladcykler Poster Prototype 02

The text reads:
Firmacyklen.dk and Larry vs Harry present
A Copenhagen tradition.

But just look at the designs and give me your gut feeling.

Svajerløb / DM for Ladcykler Poster Prototype 03

Which poster prototype do you prefer?survey software

Thanks for taking the time to help us out.