- Bicycle Culture by Design: Probably the Most Sensible Use of a Cargo Bike in History

So. There you are. Hanging out on the grass in the King’s Gardens smack dab in the centre of Copenhagen. A popular hangout for Copenhageners since the beginning of the 18th Century [although there were considerably fewer topless girls in 1709 than there are in 2009]. The sun is shining bright and you’re there with your friends. The beers are A. running out and B. getting warmer. The mood is festive and the evening beckons.What to do. What to do. At some point you need to make a move into town for A. something to eat and B. more alcohol, but it’s just not yet. The mood is perfect.You, like 95% of the nation, are equipped with a mobile phone. You write an SMS [text message] that reads:2x1L.Frozen Mojito2x1L.DaiquiriYou send the text to a number.

At an arranged time [12:00, 15:00 and 17:00] this Bullitt from Larry vs. Harry shows up at the corner entrance to the King's Gardens. You collect your two litres of Frozen Mojitos and your 2 litres of Daiquiris, pay the man with your credit card and head back to your friends.Ah, bicycle culture.

Caribbian is a bar in Copenhagen that also has this great Drink Away service. Nothing's more irritating than somebody having to head off for beers or wine. Let the party come to you. They have a regular service for the King's Gardens but they also deliver wherever you may be, using this Bullitt. Speed is paramount when keeping a party alive.

Despite the usage of the Comic Sans font on the box [we are actually many who wish to see this font die] the Drink Away service is perfect for the Copenhagen summer. I've learned that the bike will soon be equipped with DJ gear so after the drinks arrive, the music kicks in.

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