The Life-Sized City Blog: Volcano Victimisto Part 2 - Still considering

Thanks so much for the the comments and help on the previous post.It's a mad idea. I will not ride all the way to Copenhagen - that would take forever and I don't want to, to be frank.But just to get on the road in some sense, get into France, get closer to home. Do SOMETHING. Many years ago I walked from Northern Spain to Paris with nothing but a backpack and a sleeping bag. Using rural routes and with a set of rules for the journey. THAT was the hardest 30 days of my life. Sleeping in fields, under bridges, in abandoned buildings. I'd opt for small hotels this time, with cafés along the way like the old Tour de France riders. A cognac and coffee after lunch and 'allez'.Although adopting a "C'est la vie" attitude and taking it easy here in Barcelona is not a bad idea. I do have work to do and do want to get home to the family as quick as possible.My main hurdle is that I am expected in Prague, to speak at the National Cycle Conference on Wednesday. That's not looking good. Jan Gehl from Gehl Architects should also be attending. No word on whether he can make it.There are many Danes trying to arrange transport in cars from all over Europe. This might be an option, although the hotel I'm at says that there are no rental cars until Tuesday or Wednesday.Nor busses or trains. And the French trains are still on strike, last I heard.Alors... I could take a bike on the train to Girona and then start pedalling from there. A Lycra-free escape across the Pyranees. :-) Still working on a bike. Have a friend, Txell from Barcelona Cycle Chic, who has a touring bike. I'll be speaking to Koos from Biketech bike shop here in Barcelona later today.

IF... and this is really IF... I do this... should I do this on a Brompton, a Bullitt, a touring bike or an upright bike?

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