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Week in and week out I get inundated with emails from people who want to advertise either here on or over at Cycle Chic.

It's quite amazing that most of the emails are for products that have nothing to do what I write about or take pictures about. Goes to show that one pops up in a Google search and the person in question doesn't bother to do their research. Even after writing posts like this at Cycle Chic, or this one, two days later I get an email from someone wanted to pay to advertise their "cycling trousers" for urban cycling. "Avoid chafing and wear and tear!" Oh bother, as Winnie the Pooh would say.

Anyway, this email arrived today, from China. Perhaps the products are of interest to some of you, out there. Seriously. Maybe Carlton can get cheaper lycra gear for his I Pay Road Tax cycling clothes or some of you out there want to get some kit for your local club. Who knows.

Being multilingual and having made major embarassing faux pas' in several languages, I deeply respect people who try to communicate in languages other than their own.However, I am quite fascinated by the Ruing Jerseys and Pants. So often when feeling remorse and only wishing to rue my situation, I lie on the sofa wishing I had the appropriate clothing in which to do so. Dear sir,
We are a cycling wear manufacturer from Guangzhou China. We produce the item same as you displayed on your website. [WHERE ON MY WEBSITE?! PLEASE TELL ME SO I CAN REMOVE IT QUICKSMART!] We have been in this line for 15years and about 1000sets are exported per month to your country. We also offer other sports wear,such as the ruing jersey, ruing pant, and rubgy wear.Delivert time including shipping approx 18-25days,Price for short jersey is 18USD.for short pant is 13USD.The 0.5% discount will be given if your quantity will meet 200pcs.Meterial discriptions:Jersey: 100% polyester 140 gsm quick dry fabric, elasticated cuffs and hem (or non-slip rubber grippers at cuffs and hem);Shorts: 80% polyester and 20% lycra 230 gsm quick dry elastic fabric, non-slip rubber leg grippers, Coolmax high density foam chamois.Jersey: 100% polyester 140 gsm UV protective and quick dry fabric, silicone grippers at cuffs and hem;Shorts: 80% polyamide and 20% lycra 230 gsm quick dry elastic fabric, silicone leg grippers, Coolmax silicone gel chamois.We hope can do business shortly. Many thanks and best regards!Best Regards!Jocelyn Zeng - Sales ExecutiveCulture Sport international Ltd.Tel: (86 20)22107414

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