- Bicycle Culture by Design: How Uninspiring - E-bike Race

Ladies and Gentleman, I give you:

The most uninspiring cycling promotional video of all time

It was Todd from Green Idea Factory who dubbed it thus, and I wholeheartedly agree. A group of MEPs [Members of the European Parliament] and EU Commissioners took part in an "E-bike race".

E-bikes have already been dubbed "Lazy Bikes" and associating themselves with MEPs and EU Comms in a 'race' is probably not the ideal way to sell their product.I would how many people threw their bicycles into the nearest canal and headed for a car dealership after viewing this? :-) Are the modern Lazy Bikes the New Segways?There was a craze in Denmark and other European countries after the Second World War involving putting small motors on bicycles. They were promptly called "røvskubbere" or "ass pushers". I've already heard this phrase applied to e-bikes.Having cycled in a host of cities around the world with varying topography, including the topographically overrated San Francisco last October, I personally can't see the point, unless you're elderly. But that's just me. Has anyone calculated the environment impact of an explosion in the number of batteries on these bikes? It's optimistic to think that every single one will be disposed of in a responsible manner, just as it's optimistic to think that none will end up in canals, lakes or landfills.However, if you feel the need to acquire one, at least get one that has some style and elegance and that is free of 'dorkness' or 'geekacity':

Velorbis' new Elechic, for example.

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