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This is just plain funny.

A great post from over at Freewheeling Spirit wherein they mock Karl Lagerfeld something rotten, all the while writing about his newly designed bike for Chanel.

$12,500 for the new Chanel bike. How many of those dollars are linked to the designer's name? Probably too many.

Over at Velorbis, the upstart bikemaker with the next generation of bespoke bikes, the production of a limited-edition bespoke bike called The Marshall will also demand a deep pocket.

During the London Cycle Show 2007, VELORBIS proudly unveiled their new limited edition bicycle, ‘The Marshall’, hand-built by world-renowned German frame builder, Uwe Marshall. Based on the popular design of the Churchill classic Gents model, the bicycle features a hand-polished stainless steel frame which weighs only an amazing 1.8 kgs. The bicycle also has a stainless steel fork, fully chromed components (rear carrier and mudguards) and a hand-sewn leather coat guard made by an authentic saddle maker/tanner, which is the first of its kind in the world.

Only 12 of these beautiful “The Marshall” bicycles will be custom built to order per year. ‘The hand build bicycle has a price tag to reflect its uniqueness - £4,000 /€5900.This limited edition VELORBIS bicycle is like a priceless work of art that evokes an image of a bygone era – timeless in style yet fully contemporary in functionality, equipped with ‘best in class’ components and accessories for modern living and commuting.

Good luck, Chanel, with your bike. We'll stick to the Velorbis, thanks.

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