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My friends down at Larry vs Harry had a little problem. The good news is that sales are booming and that includes online sales. They're shipping off bikes to far-flung destinations on a daily basis. The tricky bit is that two-wheeled cargo bikes like the Bullitt are quite normal in Denmark and the Netherlands but still a bit exotic elsewhere, because they have parts that don't resemble parts on other bikes. Larry vs Harry discovered that they were getting loads of emails and telephone calls from customers who had questions about how to assemble certain parts of the bicycles.

Contact with happy customers is a joy for any business, whether it's bicycles or buttplugs, but coaching via telephone and/or email is time-consuming for both parties and there is still the risk that the bicycles may be assembled incorrectly. Can't have that. The solution? Larry vs Harry called up Copenhagenize Consulting to produce three How To films that will guide customers through the process of assembling three of the trickier bits.

The films had to be:A. Fun to make.B. Informative.C. In the spirit of Larry vs Harry. Whatever the hell that means.D. Far removed from the techgeek world of bicycles.E. So incredibly funny that only a handful of people will get it. Kind of like watching Monty Python dubbed into German.

I went with a kitsch, home-made 'look and feel' in the sound design and editing and Harry went with... uh... costumes. Match made in heaven. Do you KNOW how hard it is to shoot and edit BADLY? It ain't bloody easy. But we had a laugh.

It's Elvis Schwarzenegger Goes to Hollywood in a Dogme 95 film. Not surprisingly, Copenhagenize Consulting is NOT credited... :-)

The Larry vs Harry Assembly Movie Part One - The Steering RodThe Larry vs Harry Assembly Movie Part Deux - The Front ForkThe Larry vs Harry Assembly Movie Part Drei, Schatzi - The Steering Arm

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