Updated 26.10.2023

01 January 2010

Press about Copenhagenize.com

Press mentions for Copenhagenize.com

June 2011 - Article in Montreal French-language La Presse. The Pope of Urban Cycling.

January 2011 - Knack Weekend - Belgian magazine - interview.

January 2011 - BikeBiz Territory Report - Denmark.

November 2010 - TEDx Talk in Copenhagen on The Culture of Fear related to cycling - film.

September 2010 / Article on Polish cycling website Polska na rowery.

August 2010 / Mikael Colville-Andersen's Four Goals for Promoting Urban Cycling as presented at the State of Design Festival in Melbourne. Via SlowTV.

July 2010 / De Morgen / Belgium: Gratis op de stadfiets in Kopenhagen

July 2010 / Mikael in a film for Streetfilms.org about Copenhagen through North American eyes.

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