- Building Better Bicycle Cultures: Ignoring the Bull in Los Angeles - L.A. DoT PSA

Classic example of how not to promote cycling from the Los Angeles Department of Transport. It rarely gets as silly as this.

It's got it all. Ignoring the Bull. Continued marginalisation of cycling as a sub-culture and not a mainstream transport option for regular people by A. Using one of those sporty cyclists to represent ALL cyclists and B. Dictating that the cyclist should 'behave'.

Hands up, how many people would rather hear this dialogue: "The average car weighs 6000 lbs. The average bicycle with user weighs 210 lbs.""A typical car travelling 35 mph has 220 times the momentum, or energy, than a bicycle travelling at 10 mph.""The car has the capacity to kill any cyclist or pedestrian it hits. That's why the L.A. DoT is lowering the speed limits for cars, implementing traffic calming measures to benefit our pedestrians and cyclists as well as building safe, separated infrastructure for bicycle users.""The car is an important part of our daily lives, but we're dedicated to drastically lowering the chances that a car will kill you as well as increasing fines for drivers who break the law."

"We're clamping down on motorists who don't Drive Right, Stop at the Light or Watch the Road".

Hands up... who's in?

At least, as it was pointed out in the comments, the driver is wearing a motoring helmet so L.A. DoT has something right. Motoring Helmets for Real Safety!

Thanks to Flying Pigeon L.A. for the link.

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