Updated 26.10.2023

10 December 2009

Oceanic Bicycle Demonstration in Copenhagen

Dead Fish

Another bicycle demonstration is scheduled for the streets of Copenhagen, this one initiated by A Sea Change - Imagine a world without fish.

Let's See the Sea & CO2! Climate change affects the ocean, too!
We're biking to get the word out about ocean acidification, the evil twin of climate change. Let's get it on the table at COP-15!

On Sunday, December 13, 2009 the Bike Ride for the Ocean will begin at 13:00 on the Copenhagen Harbour. At Quay number 139, on Havnegade [street]. It will end at the City Hall Square [Rådhuspladsen] - or back at Quay 139: your choice! Quay 139 is very close to the National Bank of Denmark and Christiansborg.

Sponsored by the Danish Society for a Living Sea, Future Kulture, and Niijii Films/A Sea Change.

For information, please visit our website, aseachange.net or email [email protected].


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Last week I blogged about Ride Planet Earth, started by Kim Nguyen who cycled all the way from Australia. By complete coincedence I caught them passing by last Sunday through my neighbourhood, on the very last leg of their ride from Roskilde to Copenhagen.


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Our little family was on the way to a family gathering in Nørrebro so we inadvertantly - and fortunately - were able to take part in the ride, at least for a little stretch.

Welcome to Copenhagen, Kim.