Donald Duck Bike Polo Cartoon

Huey, Dewey and Louie [Rip, Rap, Rup in Danish] get all sub-cultural on their uncle's ass and play bike polo in this classic cartoon from 1938.Donald Duck is the Disney character that Danes took to heart more than any other, right since he was invented. Called Anders And in Danish ['and' being duck] he has simply dominated the cartoon world for decades. A monthly magazine is still published here. Donald's character just seemed to appeal to Danes and the Nordic peoples in general.The long-time translator of the cartoons, Sonja Rindom, was a linguistic tour-de-force and she coined so many expressions in Danish through her translations that she was awarded a literary prize for her contribution to the Danish language back in 1988.One that sticks out is Langbortistan - literally Far Away-stan - the name of a country... far away. Now this word is in the everyday language. Kind of like Timbuktoo, in English.Donald Duck's name in the Nordic languages:Danish: Anders AndNorwegian: Donald DuckSwedish: Kalle AnkaFaeroe: Dunnaldur DunnaIcelandic: Andrés Önd

Finland Finsk: Aku Ankka

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